Off-Track Betting: Key & Box Bets in OTB

In this segment, we’re going to be covering some of the special things you can do to the more complicated bets. Being Keying and Boxing instead of putting them in straight. First one we’re going to go over is Keying. Let’s say we have a group of numbers that we want to pick, that we think are going to win. But we’re pretty sure that the number one is going to come in first. We’re going to put him on top, with two and three and four in second. With four, five and six in third and then the two, three, four, six in fourth. Let’s say just for example that numbers one, four, five and six were the numbers that came in being first, second, third, fourth. Well we got the one right, so, so far, we’re doing good. Well the four came in, we’ve got the four in second. So still, we’re winning at ewire casinos in canada.

We’ve got the five in third. The fives right there, we’re on a roll. Now all we need is for a six. One, four, five, six. If I had this ticket, I’d be winning. We didn’t need the two, we didn’t need the three, but they’re there in case those numbers came in. Let’s say it came in, one, four, two, three. If it came in one, four, two, three, we don’t have a two down here. Right there, we would’ve lost. We had three, right there. Had we put the two up here, that would be a winning ticket. Because it’s up here, we would’ve lost. This is a way of saving you some money instead of going out and doing it the more expensive way of boxing. Next, we’re going to go over box. If we put a, let’s say a Trifecta and we boxed a one, two, three. That means for your first part of your bet, all it’s going to show is one, two, three, box. That means, you’ve got a one, two, three. A one, three, two. Two, one, three. A two, three, one. A three, two, one and a three, one, two. That’s every single combination that these numbers can make. That’s all the bets you’ve placed on one ticket. Instead of going up to the window and saying I want to place a straight bet. Two, three, one. Two, one, three, one, three, two. All these other numbers, you just tell them, I want to do a one dollar box, one, two, three. You’ve got all these, saves you time, puts it all on one ticket so in case you lose, might drop one something. It’s all right there.