The Best Blackjack Tips


Blackjack is a very easy game to learn how to play and as long as you learn the rules of the game before you play, you should do well.  The main goal when playing Blackjack is to get your cards to add up to 21 points. Whoever gets closer to 21, without going over wins.  The way the points work, is the number that appears on the card is how many points it is worth.  For example the 5 of spades = 5 points,  the 8 of diamonds = 8 points.  All face cards, J, Q, K are worth 10 points as well as the 10 of hearts.   The  Ace’s are worth either 11 points or 1 point, whichever you choose.

When you are playing Blackjack you are always playing against the dealer, it does not matter how many people are sitting next to you at the table.  A very important strategy to use is to pay attention to the board. What I mean by the board is the table, the cards that have already been played.  Once you see what cards have already been played then you know that they can not come up again.  You are dealt 2 cards at the beginning of each game, let’s say that they are a 7 and a 4.  This =’s 11 points, all you need is a 10 to get 21, if you see a bunch of 10’s on the board already, then the chances of you getting one are slim, However, still ask for a card.

Let’s say the first 2 cards that you have are a 10 and a 6, this = 16, all you need is a 5 to win, however be careful not to go over 21.  At this point if you see a bunch of 10’s on the table and the dealer has a 10 showing you would want to ask for a card. When the dealer has a 10 point card showing you always assume e has another one turned over, giving him 20 points.  So the strategy at this point is to try and get 20 or 21, better you bust, go over, than let the dealer win when you have less than him/her.

The dealer always has to go to 17 points, he/she cannot stop at 14,15,16, has to go to 17 every time. This gives the player a edge on the house and if you can learn to read when he or she has a 10 under than you can start to read their hand.  There are so many rules, tricks, strategies to learn, however what I have shared so far is the basic.  If you are on a losing streak, get up and take a break, or move to another table.  Sometimes it is not the cards that are hurting you, it is the way the other players at the table are playing.