You Need to Know Craps Tips, Rules & Superstitions


When  playing Craps the House always has an edge on the player.  There is no way to change that, so if you go in knowing this fact then you just might even the playing field.   There are so many ways to keep the house from just taking your money from you and here are a few. When you are losing never raise your bets, this is not the game where this will help you.  Always know how much you can afford to lose because it is-called gambling not winning, you are going to lose some money in the process, so do not let it get you down.

You should always set limits when you are at the table, the dealer job is to keep you at the table as long as possible and he or she could care less whether or not you lose money, it is your money not theirs.  Superstitions, = A wrong better will always increase the chance of a seven being rolled, so pay attention and look for this.  To increase your odds of winning never be the first person to roll the dice or open a table.  A woman who has never rolled the dice before will always roll a seven. Whenever the dice falls of the table the next roll will be a seven.  There are so many different superstitions but that is exactly what they are, do not believe any of them.

You may have heard people say that they can never lose when playing Craps, that they have a Magical System it is not true.  There are so many ways you can improve your chances of winning, however there is no way to have an edge on the house.  To win consistently you must always have realistic goals.  You must not rely on luck, this is a game of numbers, and you must have a plan.  You must learn all the rules before bet any real money.  A real good way to learn without having to bet real money is to play online.  There are many websites that offer free play and it is very realistic as well.

If you do some research online they also have many ways to follow the throw of the dice.  There are formulas that you can learn as well as charts that show you what and when your number is going to come up.  A few terms that are used when people are playing the game are as follows: Big Red means that they are placing a bet on a seven,  Boxcars means that they are betting on a twelve, Back line is the same as Don’t Pass Line, Aces means that the sum of both dice will equal two.