How To Do A Big Win

I’m gonna say yeah that’s gotta be a big win typically it’s done it on four quid not six but it’s it’s it’s not quite a wild line is it it’s a full line of those boots though I think they are to do some things done -all four eight is this that’s it keep going er nice of it to actually give the swap reels and not something else nice 260 640 just put me back above a thousand put me back to ten seventy right I’ll bring you back in a sec okay two chests have landed this time don’t really want this once it’s done okay Queens put them everywhere then I still don’t really want the swap reels I don’t know I can’t remember what else it gives yeah that’s pretty pointless. Learn everything you need to know about big win at CasinoSlots.

It’s gonna be 25 quid again in it a little bit more 53:28 paid for the two chests back to 10 25 chest I wouldn’t mind the swap reels there with those wilds okay hmm every little helps 48:40 I’m a couple of hundred off this wagering now I kind of need this one to pay something though don’t know because the rest of give me like what 18 quid 13 quid and 11 quitter cinema there’s another chest some fit difference what reals this time please a lucky re spin  go on nice nice [Music] I’ve got a shot now at completing the wagering on this thousand pound level we’ve actually spent any money 164 40 so it’s put me back up to twelve hundred and ten quid on it and there’s only two hundred and twenty to go shame it can’t have done any of all that on six quid their way when you lower it Oh triple chest give me it I want a lucky Rhys pin first and don’t I because I can just go bonkers and then swap reels and ing extra symbols and  lucky we’ve spent give me more then thirty quid this.

I’ve got Sue’s chest to go this could be God lucky re spinrite wilds everywhere it’s ing a former Kings aligning I’ll take an overlock Erie spinoff you then oh say let’s come up with Kings on again then yeah that’s gonna pay it’ll do got me oh just about say it got me for 100 quid 99 20 I shall return I never chest with a whole load of wilds so that real that real swap with these boots would be good here come on stop reals yes surely it’s got this on the front put this boot thing on the front here No oh it can totally  here for it would have had to have fought the best combination 4360 though 160 quits ago on the way dream give me the free spins all the wilds are stacked in the free spins in never gives it stop it’s not tilting at all honestly any danger don’t even see one stop ing that’s bull that is bull right there we go the bonuses and locks continue.