NFL Week 5 Picks from all the viewers votes

Nfl Week, 5 Picks from all the viewers votes NFL Week. 5 Picks ATS Predictions Football 2018-2019 MNBeast My Y.T.D year to date record on NFL straight up, picks 39-23-2. My A.T.S NFL against the spread record 35-26-3 pushes My NFL games. Confidence points 336, 39-23, NFL Weekly Predictions Sunday NFL Kickoff week, ATS Picks Its time for 2018-2019 NFL, Weekly, Picks and Predictions for all 17 NFL games and playoffs, and the big Superbowl game super excited to watch football and get all my picks out to everyone.

Good luck! This year and lets have fun that’s what its all about My Favorite team is. The Minnesota Vikings Check them out if get a cold or Flu works great https //www.mucinex.com/. What’S up everybody, it is the Minnesota MNBeast, that’s right and we are getting ready for some football. I’M a little low on energy tonight is Saturday night man, man, man, brothers sisters.

I got the cold, that’s right. I’Ve been coughing. I woke up this morning with a sore throat had to go a Walmart. Get me some mucinex, some halls, but hey. We aren’t here for what your sick about that’s right.

You might be sick, listen to the beast whoo, but anyhow I told you I’d get your viewers picks out here and I want to make sure I gave you my picks against your all’s picks all right. So the polls are in. Thank you so much out of the three videos we had over a thousand votes on almost each game except down to the last video. We are around 75 % of that so around 700 votes for that video. But hey, that’s awesome.

So, thank you so these percentages that I’m about to give you are really accurate and really close. Starting with the first video we have the Tennessee Titans going into play, Buffalo Bills right 91 %. Tennessee is favored.

All right Buffalo is at 8 %. Why is it not a hundred percent? It’S just the way it’s been getting voted, so everything on here is that 99 percent right now and you can go on to those videos and just click on and you can see, as the percentages might even change going into tomorrow. Miami Dolphins at Cincinnati, Bengals Miami Dolphins, are at 14 %. Cincinnati Bengals are at 85 %. The beasts took Tennessee.

I’M sorry, I must go right back and I also took Cincinnati with you all Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland, Browns Baltimore Ravens are favored by your votes: 81 % out of Cleveland 18 percent. I am taking Baltimore Ravens Green Bay Packers at the Detroit Lions Green Bay. Packers are in the big my percentage on this game: 74 % and Detroit is at 25 percent, and you know what I say about that. I say Detroit’s gon na win this game. So if you got some big, you know big balls, man, man, man, you better!

Go get yourself some Detroit, because you know what I end up: getting sick and now I’m gon na have some blue balls this weekend. My ladies I’m gon na have to mess with this blue ball about to start doing some sit-ups and crunches. I told her. I don’t want to carry around no 10-pound ball and specially right now, while I’m sick and it’s blue. I don’t want blue balls over the weekend, I’m supposed to be having happy balls whoo yeah, so we got Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs.

Jacksonville Jaguars are favored by 32 %, the Kansas City Chiefs, the 4-0 team, the undefeated team, 68 %, who is the beast taken, I’m taking the upset, I’m taking Jacksonville Jaguars the next video number. Two, as you see on there Denver Broncos going in to play the New York Jets. Denver Broncos from your all’s viewers votes are at 89 % from you. All’S votes at Jets are 10 %.

The Beast he’s taken Denver Broncos Atlanta Falcons at Pittsburgh. Steelers Atlanta is at 74 %, really good Pittsburgh’s at 25 %. I am also taken with you all, I’m going with you guys’s vote on this one. I’M taking Atlanta Falcons New York Giants. I mean Giants at Carolina. Panthers.

Sorry, New York Giants are at 3 % from your guys’s votes, Carolina’s at 96 %. Who is the Beast going with I’m going with your all’s votes? I’M taking Carolina Oakland Raiders at LA Chargers? The Raiders are at 18 % from your guys’s votes and gals and the L.A Chargers are at 81 %.

The beast is going with the upset. I am going with the Oakland Raiders, so I’m taking the 18 % with you all on that NFL pick Poll Votes Minnesota Vikings, going in to play the Philadelphia Eagles 3:30 football game Central Time and I’m going to be taking my mucinex night time cold & FLU Times so I can watch this game, so I can get rid of this sore throat and cough and all clogged up man. I hate this changing weather season. Let me know in your comments below if anybody else is getting sick. Vikings are favored for this game.

According to y’all’s, NFL Picks votes 56 % to 43 % Wow. That is a very tight race right there. The Beast is going with the Minnesota Vikings, I’m going with the viewers votes going into the week 5 video I’m in the week 5. This is week 5, but the third video on your guys’s votes, Arizona, Cardinals San Francisco, 49ers very tight vote on this.

One 43 % are going with Arizona, 56 % are going to San Francisco. I’M going with y’all’s viewer picks I’m going with 56 % San Francisco LA Rams, but if you’ve got some big and not blue, go in Arizona but I’m taking the beast is taking San Fran LA Rams, Seattle Seahawks, the Rams are the favorite in this game. Undefeated team portal: of course your all’s votes are in 84 % of you say that the LA Rams are going to win Seattle, 15 % out of your votes, said Seattle’s gon na win, I’m with that 15 %. I’M taking Seattle because I got a blue ball to carry around today. This blue ball, this blue ball. Hey, I don’t want carry it any more Dallas Cowboys at Houston, Texans game stays in Texas.

Dallas 59 % are going Houston, 40 %. Who is the beast going with I’m going with the 59 % I’m taking Dallas Cowboys Washington Redskins? At the New Orleans Saints, the viewers votes are in, 20 % are going with Washington, 79 % are going with the Saints and I’m taking the upset to go with Washington, and one of my viewers he’s been commenting back and forth, and I haven’t been able to Get on the computer last couple of days because I’ve been sick under the weather except to have my pizza and then man, maybe that was got that’s what got me sick, but he’s telling me all the reasons that New Orleans Saints are gon na win this game.

I believe it that is a very good possibility. Everything that he’s been saying in his comments, I’m like yeah, that sounds great. That sounds right. That sounds right. Drew Brees really could break the passing record this weekend and, yes, the Superdome is gon na be super loud. It’S just an NFL upset pick for me man, but I I want to go with your Saints, but I don’t like to change my pick, so I got ta stick with the Washington Redskins.

You know. I hate Washington Redskins to the point when I have to pick with them or pick against them, because every time I pick them they lose and if I go with them, they win right or vice versa. I pick Washington. The Saints are gon na win. If I did pick Washington Washington win, so it’s always been that way for me and for the Indy and New England game, which is already over for Thursday night game. New England won that game 40 percent said New England was gon na win.

This was a fun little survey, 8 % with what with Indy, and then I also threw in just some fun questions. Will New England make to the playoffs this year? 14 percent said yes little Tom?

Will this be Tom Brady’s? Last year, 23 % said this will be his last year and will Tom Brandy get one more Super Bowl? 8 % said yes, whoo, oh man, if you guys do it, I gals get sick.

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I love it um, it’s fast-acting when they say fast action, whoo, it’s fast action. Does it cost a little extra money yeah it’s like 20 bucks for that pack, but um it’s well worth the. I mean I got it this morning at Walmart got home. I took the the daytime stuff. I think it was the the lady gave me and now my went to sleep.

I woke up just a little bit ago make this video to get it out to you all and uh, then I’ll hit the nighttime stuff. So you all have yourselves a great rest of the week and enjoy your Sunday I’ll get back to your guys’s comments by throughout the games. Tomorrow, all right have a good weekend and enjoy the football woo. My NFL games Confidence points, 336, 39-23, NFL Weekly Predictions Sunday NFL Kickoff week, ATS Picks Its time for 2018-2019 NFL, Weekly, Picks and Predictions for all 17 NFL games and playoffs, and the big Superbowl game super excited to watch football and get all my picks out to Everyone good luck this year and lets have fun. That’S what its all about My Favorite team is. The Minnesota Vikings Check them out if get a cold or Flu works.

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