All You Need to Know About Poker Part 3


When counterfeiting happens in Texas holdem games the situation is almost same as in Omaha games although the occasion is infrequent.

The situation of counterfeiting can be best understood with an illustration from the game. So, if the flop round has yielded such cards as a queen, a jack and a 10 card, then the player who already had an ace and a king card is having a hand of ace-high straight and he will continue to have the same straight hand even when a king card is dealt in the turn round but has the possibility of being tied with an opponent who was till now holding an ace and a 7 card. This resulted not in the first player’s hand becoming worse but it cuts down his chance to win the entire pot by himself.

It has been seen that when counterfeiting happens in a poker game of Texas hold ‘em, tie hands become frequent although it is also possible someone ends up losing. A case in appoint will be when the flop cards are jack, 20 and 9 and the turn card is a queen card. Now the player with a previously advantageous hand of king and queen card will get counterfeited once the turn card is dealt and get beaten by his opponent holding an ace and a king card.

Counterfeiting is also referred to situation where hand value is changed. For example for flop cards of jack,7 and 5 anyone who had a 7 and a 5 card has two pairs and an advantage over hand holding aces. If the turn gives a jack card the first player’s hand is still strong with one of the two pairs is jack, but his opponent will beat him with a combination of ace and jack cards.

In Badugi variation of draw poker only one of the paired or triple cards of same value can be used; so a player with 4 cards can virtually end up being counterfeited and hold a 3-card or even a 2-card hand and get easily beaten.