All You Need to Know About Poker Part 4-5


In poker games, sometimes a situation arises whereby the dough that makes up the pot is above and beyond the equal amount of wager laid by the active players of the game.

This excess amount is known as dead money. If a player who missed paying his scheduled blind because of absence from the table and returns and pays it even after it had been ruled as a dead blind or when any chip from a previous game remains in the pot by mistake or the money of the players who have folded, in each situation it is called dead money. So, if there were initially eight players, each paying an ante of $2 and the opening player betted $4 and was called by two others, then the total pot size is $28. if only these three players are active and the others have folded, then live money in the pot amounts to $18 and the rest $10 is dead money.

The amount of dead money can affect the game by changed pot odds and rules of thumb. For example, there is a rule in Omaha games that anyone with a nut low hand can only raise in the final betting round if there are four players active and can just call if three players are remaining. However, if the pot size contains sizeable amount of dead money, it is allowed to raise even with three players since now the pot odds have significantly changed.

In a humorous reference to rookie players who build up the pot with their contribution but cannot hope to win it owing to inexperience and lack of skill, then the money they stake is called dead money. The player may also be called dead money and such players are found often in poker tournaments where many of them enter but have no hope or chance of making any winning and their presence only help to make the pot size grow.

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In games of poker, a stacked deck is referred to that standard card deck which is arranged in a predetermined manner so that when the cards are dealt, the result will be engineered. Now when a deck of stacked cards are swapped with the deck of cards that is meant to be dealt with an object to give the dealer an advantage, then it is called a cold deck. It is to be remembered that a situation of cold deck is used by dishonest gamblers for cheating and used mostly in poker games and sometimes in blackjack games.

The name comes from the concept that since the cards used in the game will be warm due to the players handling them and so the other card deck is cold, being not in use. Cold deck also refers to the deck of card itself or the practice of using a cold deck situation. Sometimes it I used as a verb to allude to the action of cheating or getting cheated.

In recent times, whenever in a game of poker a situation occurs that is not impossible but very rare, the hand of play is said to have been played with a cold deck. It is evident that the situations when a player has been holding a four of a kind card, where the values of the card are same and suits are different or when there is a hand of straight flush that requires five successive cards belonging to the same suit are hands that are very uncommon though not technically impossible. However, it is also definite that the straight flush is rarer than four of a kind hand. Now, if one player has a four of a kind hand and takes it for granted he is going to win the pot but ends up getting beaten by his opponent holding a straight flush, the first player may complain of a cold deck situation without explicitly accusing there has been a dishonest trick.