The Best Ways to Beat the Slots

Worst Bets for Slots

Seasoned slots players know that choosing not to play the maximum amount of coins that a machine will accept, especially when the payout grows exponentially based on the number of coins played, is the worst bet you can make in slots.

Most Common Mistakes in Slots

Slot machine attendants tell frequent stories of gamblers who absentmindedly leave credits on a machine and walk away. Even if you plan to return, this is never a good idea. Casinos work on the honor system in matters of free slot machines with free spins possessiveness, but it is unlikely that anyone will come to your defense if someone else wins a jackpot on a machine you left unattended, even if they played on your dime.

Mind Your Manners – Slot Machine Etiquette

Even though playing the slots doesn’t take great skill, there are still some established protocols and courtesies.

It is okay to play several machines at one time, but if the area gets crowded and someone asks to play one of your machines, etiquette requires you to surrender it politely.

If you need to leave your machine for any reason, you can try putting an empty cup over the handle or in the payout tray. However, if upon your return, you find the machine is being used, you won’t have any recourse or any legitimate reason to protest.

As mentioned previously, make sure you redeem any existing credits before temporarily leaving a machine.

Where to Win at Slots

Casinos have different payout percentages. If you can determine which ones have the highest payouts, then you are effectively decreasing the house edge when playing slots.

When you are in a restaurant or other entertainment venue outside of a casino, it can really pay to ask the locals which casino they think has the most generous slot machines.

Maximum (or Max) Bet

The maximum number of coins you’re allowed to play per spin. This is critical when playing progressive slots because if you don’t play the maximum bet you may not qualify for the largest jackpot. It can also be critical when playing flat tops with multiple pay lines. Be sure to read all the fine print on the face of the machine before deciding how much to bet.

Pay Line

The line across the glass window where the symbols must align to win. Pay lines can be horizontal, diagonal and/or vertical.

Progressive Slots

A group of slot machines, usually within a carousel, that are all linked together and pay one common jackpot.


The rotating wheels on which the symbols appear in the pay lines. slot machines typically have from three to five reels.


When a slot machine stops operation, usually due to a malfunction.

Wild Card Symbol

A wild card symbol, as the name implies, acts like a joker. When combined with two other identical symbols, it can make up a winning combination on a pay line.