What Is Real Money

From the heart of history come to many chapters on man and money in preview we wish to speak of money and what man has done to it the experiments through the centuries in search of the ideal form of money have included feathers shells sticks stones clay tablets and even the basic and more necessary food commodities but without quality being uniform and durability and scarcity weighing in against so many other options gold and silver became money over twenty six hundred years ago and remained so until recent times in the history of money we find it important but today neglected chapter on gold.

Gold is merely a means of exchange through time the marketplace voted to commodities as ideal means for exchange for their scarcity durability Portability and by market decree a conduit of transferring value with integrity from one person to the next gold is not just a commodity or element on the periodic table through history it’s been kept by individuals and nations as a store of wealth as a means of barter and exchange it has all the qualities of money and from millennia has been treated as such simply put gold is money wherever and whenever gold was used as money economic volatility diminished and political ambitions were restrained scarcity having a number of benefits first it forces politicians to pay attention to the realities of a budget and of course it sets natural spending limits under a gold standard there were far fewer currency crises banking and currency crises were rarely linked while under the present fiat system the number of currency crises has increased dramatically many of them being caused by problems in the banking system but today the manipulation of our currency devaluation just being one element is a tool for the banking in Wall Street elite to maintain their self-appointed roles as economic engineers. If you want real money, try this website.

Thus we transition from a rock-solid gold standard to something far less stable a paper substitute paper automatically presents itself as a compelling substitute for convenience sake why carry around a chest full of silver coins to connect one’s arista thief taking your satchel of gold paper was and is more efficient the ease with which it is used suggests also the ease with which it’s created as long as it’s printing is limited to representing something real and actually scarce then it stands with integrity as a receipt for real money problem begins when you find a way to cheat the one-to-one paper tangible relationship money represents the labor and effort it took to gain it to print without effort is to cheat the labor of a man and suggest that Ponzi schemes are preferred to production of real things today the world’s central banks print an issue credit creating value of nothing we can imagine how pleased the alchemists of old would be the true alchemists of our day don’t change lead into gold but paper into something that glitters for fools in the absence of a standard and stable monetary system.